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Digging though the heaps of information Olivia shared with me, I found some interesting things that were planned, but never happened.

On this page, we'll take a look at what could have been. This is not fan fiction (you won't find that on this site), but based on official documents and interviews.


About the paperwork mentioned
Both Olivia and Rosemary have shared lots of documents from the production of The Bartons with me. We (the three of us) aren't sure if I can just plainly publish those documents; there might be copyright issues (or other rights) that have to be taken into account when doing so. Bartons producer Jenny Hooks is, as far as I can tell, the only one who can release these documents. But since I haven't been able to reach her as of yet, I'm taking the safe route and not publish them.

If you'd like to see what documents I have in my collection (a list, not the documents themselves), take a look here.

Script cover

The draft to The Great Billycart Aid Race, still titled Elly Barton Feeds The World on this version's cover page.

This script was a gift from a cast member. An in-depth look into it can be found

Changes to episodes

Three episodes we know from the final series, once had different titles or scripts. In one case quite different.

The information below was compiled from paperwork Olivia got for her role as Elly. Unfortunately I can't (yet) publish that paperwork as I'm not sure if that's allowed. I think it's wise to get permission from Jenny Hooks first and I haven't been able to contact her yet. Look here for future updates!

Lobsters Amok
Other than the title, I only know that this episode is listed in place of Beautiful Beetroot. I can only imagine what the original script was about… do Girl Guides in Australia eat lobsters regularly? I'm not sure that would go over any better than beetroot. Hmmm…

Elly Barton Feeds The World
This episode was eventually titled The Great Billycart Aid Race. The cast was handed at least one draft that still bore this title. The draft differs from the episode that aired only in details, but fun details.

Identity Crisis
This episode is listed in place of Suspected and judging by the summary, has a lot of elements from that episode's final script. It might be the same script, with just a different title.

Street Party
Now this is where it gets interesting. Bartons could have ended with a big street party instead of a looming move for the Barton kids, judging by this episodes summary.

Street Party's summary tells of friction between neighbours in the street where Elly and Anita live. The friction is apparently so severe, that the annual street party is in jeopardy. As Anita has been planning to make her big move and win over Vince's heart during the party, this doesn't look well for her. So she, and her "wing-girl" Elly, try everything to close the rifts that exist between the adults in the street and have the party to go through.

But it takes Skinner saving Mr Jensen's dog from unnamed peril to really make the adults see. Still, Anita's plans turn out differently as she suddenly sees Paul Barton as something other than Elly's brother. Meanwhile, Elly suddenly understands why Anita has been obsessing over Vince…

Removed characters

The television series added a lot of characters that were not in the film, but apparently there was a family of two more adults and a dog planned that we never got to see. We did get to see that family's cat though.

The family was going to be called the Stoomphs, a German couple with no children. Mr Stoomph was to be a tailor, and his wife rarely seen. They would have a giant, scary German-shepherd dog that would go nuts if you went too close to the couple's back fence.

The cat? Well, that would be Barley-sugar, the cat that sparks the creation of the Bartons League of Bird Lovers in the episode of the same name. So there's still 25% of Stoomph left in the final version!

Second Bartons book

According to an interview Jocelyn Moorhouse did with Melbourne Woman05 there was to be a second book (the article noted it was "in the pipeline" at time of publication). Sadly it never happened. It would've been interesting to see what the plot was; after all the first book ends where the series ended, so a sequel could've shown Elly's life beyond the series' scope.

I asked Jocelyn about that book in the interview I did with her for this site. She told me the book was indeed an option she had with the publisher, but it didn't go through because ABC held the rights to the series. What a shame!



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