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Scattered across this site you can find various photos, mostly scaled down to fit the article they're illustrating. I thought it fitting to include a photos page with the original, full sized pics for you to enjoy. This also gives me a place to put the photos I didn't use in any article. Further down the page, you'll find newspaper and magazine clippings.

Click the photos for larger versions. Use the big button below to jump straight to the clippings, which you can also click on to enlarge.

A very big thank you goes out to the lovely Olivia Harkin for not only providing official publicity pics, but also sharing her personal photos. In addition, her personal scrap book from back then held most of the newspaper articles you see further down the page (and where large portions of this site are based on).

I could not have done this without you, Liv!

Where did all the pics and clips go? :(

As of February 2021, the pics and clips to which ABC holds the rights, have been removed from this site.
The page that you're trying to reach, consisted almost entirely of infringing content, and has therefor been removed in its entirety. Any content from this page that still has a place on this site, has been moved to other pages. Please use the big yellow menu button above to navigate through the site.




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