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Where did all the pics and clips go? :(
(February 2021)

As you know, I've been contact with the ABC about licencing full episodes for the site. ABC has indicated that licencing The Bartons for streaming is very complicated and costly, I've decided not to persue that.

However, in those communications, ABC has also indicated that images and clips that are owned by ABC also have to be licenced.

I'm pretty confident that what BOTW does, or I do, is legal under Dutch law. But to keep the discussion with ABC clean and clear, I've decided to remove the images and clips that I suspect ABC would deem need a licence. At least temporarily.

This means the following:
- images that are not licensed under Creative Commons or are private pics by Olivia or myself, have been removed.
- the multi media page has been removed
- the Photos & Clippings page has been removed
- the clips and stills in the episode guide have been removed.

To be very clear: ABC has not asked me to take anything down. This is my decision, and hopefully the pics, clips and pages will be back up soon.

All the text is still here, including the interviews, production details and trivia.



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