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This guide will give you, for each episode, an overview of the director, writer and airdates and a synopsis


The trivia is based on my own research and on anecdotes by cast and crew.

Backstage & personal photos
Backstage photos and personal photos linked to in the trivia boxes are mostly from Olivia Harkin's personal collection and are used with permission. See all photos

Other information
All other information was compiled using the publicity kit and newspaper TV listings of the time from all three countries. In the case of the UK and The Netherlands, only the broadcast dates of the first run are noted. For more detailed broadcast information, airdates for repeats or airdates for other countries, including a rather comprehensive listing of
all eight runs of the series in Germany, please visit the Broadcast History page.

Where did all the pics and clips go? :(
(February 2021)

I've recently been in contact with the ABC. In those communications, ABC has indicated that images and clips that are owned by ABC have to be licenced.

This made me take a difficult decision, one that has been seriously weighing down my mood the last few days: I've decided to remove the images and clips of which I'm certain ABC is the rights holder. That's all of the clips from episodes, the stills and all of the pics taken from press kits or other promotional materials. This unfortunately includes most of the pics that Olivia donated.

I fear that ignoring the comment ABC has made, would lead to an official takedown demand. In the worst case scenario, that would not only put the site in jeopardy, but also increase the risk of legal action by the ABC against me personally. At the very least it would make talks about officially licencing (some of) the content a lot more difficult and unpleasant.

Meanwhile, I've asked ABC about licencing the images they own the copyright too. That would most likely be limited to the images in the press/media kit. If and when that licence is granted, those images will return. ABC has told me the licence fee for footage will be high, so I'm not counting on the clips returning. I'm currently awaiting their response.

I'd like to stress that ABC has not threatened me with legal action at this point. But reading their comments, the message in my opinion was loud and clear.



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