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This page lists all the sources I've used in my research. The references are numbered, and are referred to on most of the pages on this site. If applicable, a weblocation of the source is given so you can have a look at it yourself. Keep in mind most are part of services that require a subscription to access. Some documents are not available publicly; I've still listed those as a source for completeness.


All articles referred to are copyrighted by their original publications/publishers. If available online, a link is provided. If access isn't free, the remark [paid] will appear behind the link.

[1] kindly provided by Olivia Harkin from her own personal collection
[4] From my own collection
[5] kindly provided by Paul from the UK from his own personal collection
[6] mentioned in an interview exclusive to
[7] Published book
[8] Online public resource
[9] Online closed resource

Please refer to the
legal disclaimer for copyright statements and liability limitations regarding third party contributors such as Olivia Harkin and Paul.


Title, Author, Publication, Date, [source] (see table)

"Bartons of Banksiawood: ABC's new Neighbors", Sharon Krum, Gold Guide (The Herald), February 1988 [1]
With some interesting info about the casting of the kids and an explanation why the ABC choose to air the series in the "stripping" format.

Also explains the existence of "mimed" versions of scenes shot for the French dub.

"Children's drama plans shelved", Pamela Bone, Green Guide (The Age), 6 August 1987 [1]
In depth article on the state of Australian children's programming on television in 1987/88; C/o The Bartons is mentioned as the only new children's drama in production by the ABC for broadcast in 1988 (and 1989). Read article [paid]

"Days in the lives of ordinary children", Pamela Bone, Green Guide (The Age), 21 May 1987 (Great Scott…!) [1]
With more info about the casting of the kids, and some background on the show's premises and how it aims to emulate the kids' point of view (quite literally in the case of camera angles). Read article [paid]

"Family life, day by day", Louise Bellamy, Green Guide (The Age), 25 February 1988 [1]
Some insights from Jenny Hooks and Jocelyn Moorhouse. Read article [paid]

"A charming look at life in suburbia", Unknown author, Melbourne Woman, unknown date [1]
Short interview with Jocelyn Moorhouse. This interview is the reason why I asked her about the existence of a second Bartons book.

"Children's show gets rid of the schmaltz", Michael Shmith, The Age, 29 February 1988 [1]
Interesting analysis of The Bartons and what makes it different to anything aimed at children before it. Read article [paid]

"Just how low can they go?", Mark Camm, Sydney Morning Herald, 7 March 1988 [4]
A look at how C/o The Bartons fits in with the rest of children's television in Australia; or rather: why it stands out. With praise for Olivia's acting and Jocelyn's writing.


"School is in for the young budding actors of Eltham", Pamela Bone, Green Guide (The Age), 6 November 1986 [4]
Pamela Bone visits the set of Snow White and the Dreadful Dwarves, the Kaboodle episode that starred Olivia as Snow White and other children from her school. Writer/director Jan Sardi and Olivia get interviewed. Read article [paid]

"Book about families… tell us about yours", Shan Small, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 March 1988 [4]
On 13 March 1988, in the midst of The Bartons' run in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald gave away 40 copies of the Bartons book by Jocelyn Moorhouse.

"A gutsy version of everyday life", Louise Bellamy, The Age, 17 March 1988 [4]
A review of the episode Suspected. Read article [paid]

"Hard work and little pay for most child actors", Pamela Bone, Green. Guide (The Age), 28 May 1987 [1]
A critical look at life as a child actor in Australia, including critique on the (rather low) pay they receive for a whole day of work compared to adult actors. Jenifer Hooks and Peter Dodd are interviewed. Read article [paid]

"Interview with Jocelyn Moorhouse", Erwin Leerentveld,, 21 October 2020 [6]
An interview I did with Jocelyn Moorhouse for this site. Read article

"Unconditional Love", Jocelyn Moorhouse, 2019 [7]
The published memoirs of Jocelyn Moorhouse, 2019, by Text Publishing, ISBN 9781925773484. Available at any book store and online.

"The Divided Heart: Art and Motherhood", Rachel Power, 9 July 2012 [7]
An interesting look at various Australian artists and how they combine the workload of being one, with being a mother. Jocelyn Moorhouse is among the interviewed artists and talks about The Bartons on page 281 of this book. ISBN: 9781742591254. Out of print.

"Character description for Elly Barton" [1]
This document is part of the paper work that Olivia received for her portrayal of Elly. It's a list of traits that Elly Barton has, mainly her likes and dislikes and physical appearance. On her copy, Olivia ticked all the traits that she shares with Elly (and that's quite a lot!). Apparently, Elly doesn't like 'Murder She Wrotes', eating brains (hey, who does?), and cats are her second-favourite animals (her favourite? Why, Tasmanian Devils of course!).

"Taping blocks" [1]
This document is part of the paper work that Olivia received for her portrayal of Elly. It lists the order of taping. Some episodes were shot in seperate weeks (for instance outside scenes of a few episodes in one week, and the studio scenes later in the schedule, or the other way around). One block takes up between one and two weeks in the schedule and could consist of scenes of as many as three seperate episodes.

One block at the very bottom of the schedule was reserved for reshoots.

The version I have was amended on 25 March 1987, just days after Olivia was cast. The schedule proved to be too tight, as production overran the schedule by about a month.

"A new family set to make a TV debut", Andrew Stephens, The Sun, 26 August 1987 [1]
A pre-screening look at the series. Jenny Hooks gets interviewed, and discusses the general idea behind the series, the trouble of finding the right girl to play Elly and how they eventually found Olivia.

"Interview with Rosemary Smith", Erwin Leerentveld,, August 2021 [6]
An interview I did with Rosemary Smith for this site. Read article

Draft script for "Elly Barton Feeds The World", the episode that eventually turned into The Great Billycart Aid Race. [4]
A cast member gave me this draft script as a present. Have a look at it here.

Property profile by, retrieved in December 2021. profiles all property ever sold in Australia. Link to 5 Copnal Court's profile.



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