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Oh that Filming Locations page! I'm telling you: it haunts me in my dreams. There's just so much information to share, that I've been struggling on how to present it in a user friendly way ever since the page launched.

The previous iteration of the page relied on a window that opened when you clicked a button. Not ideal, but at least the window allowed for a nice and easy navigation. But as time went on, I was growing less and less happy with the way that page looked (especially on desktops and tablets).

So, out with the old and in with the new (again...!). I've completely redone the page once again - it's now sectioned up and you click open each section as you read it. Much easier on the eyes and it improves loading times tremendously.

And the page now has interactive maps! Yes! No more looking at legends! Simply click on the pulsing markers and a pop-up appears that tells you everything about that location.

Currently the Glen Waverley and Copnal Court sections have interactive maps. I'm thinking of making a similar map of the Greater Melbourne region that shows you just how far Somers Beach is from Copnal Court. Maybe... just maybe... that map will become the new front end to the Filming Locations page in the near future.


Wednesday, 19 July 2023



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