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The other day's post and newsletter about the Proof Blu-Ray containing The Siege of Barton's Bathroom has caused a bit of confusion amongst some of you.

One fellow Bartons fan from Germany happens to own the film on Blu-Ray disc, but the short wasn't on hers. After a bit of investigation, it turns out that only the UK release, published by Film4, contains the extras (including Siege).

This release is 'branded' as a Special Edition. The German edition, released around the same time, is not and indeed doesn't include the extras. Luckily it's easy to spot, as the cover is in German and has the German title of the film ("Blindes Vertrauen") on it.

In short, the version you'd want is the one that has this exact cover:

I've updated the Where to watch? page with a number of links to the correct edition (from webshops from all over the world) to make it easier for you. I've also included warnings about the other version out there (yes, also in German while I was at it).

Sorry for the confusion!



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