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Bartons on the Web is two years old today! Happy anniversary!

I was planning to upload this update earlier today, but work got in the way. But here it is!

To celebrate the second year, and to look ahead at the third, I've got a nice content update for you.

On the Clippings page, you'll find three new newspaper clippings. One of them has never before been on Bartons on the Web (the other two were, but are now back). There's still more clippings to be added, but I'll save those for a later update.

There's also a new page in the Fun Stuff section about Elly's Theme. That's the name I gave to the ten notes that are usually worked into the music that plays whenever Elly is the focus of events. Go check it out!

And finally, there's a few new clips added to VCR, bringing the total up to 16!

Cheers, Erwin



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