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Noticed the new banner? It's a rendition of the Bartons' house in the style of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Cool huh?

Now I'm not a very good painter myself, but apparently we no longer need good painters anyway. Art website NightCafé offers a very powerful, AI driven tool that can convert any photo into any painting style (much better than what Photoshop can do) or even create entirely new works of art from scratch by just typing in what you want it to paint.

Starry Night on Copnal Court Elly in the Backyard

Now for the real question: is it still art when a computer does all the creative work? Hmm….

Anyway, you can download a full resolution version of Starry Night on Copnal Court as well as a few other "works" I've generated on the new Art page.

Have a Bartons related work of art to share yourself? Either home made or generated through NightCafé? Drop me a line and maybe I'll post it on the site.



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