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It's been a full year, but bartonsontheweb.nl finally has a few clips again! Sorry it took so long!

You can find the clips in the episode guide. There's fourteen clips in total: one for each episode, the opening credits and one extra clip from Half-time (for long time visitors: no points ...

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Want to keep up with the latest news about Bartons and the site in general? Hear about updates first? Have access to content not found on the site?

Well now you can! By signing up for the newsletter using the link below!

There's no real schedule for the newsletter; one will be sent out when there's something to write ...

Rebekkah Elmaloglou
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The short film's page on Bartons on the web hadn't been updated since the site launched in 2020. The reason is simple: there's only so much I can tell you about a film that I haven't seen.

But that changes today, because I've finally had an opportunity to watch the film! Yes!

With many many ...

Michael O'Reilly
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Thanks to The Henderson Kids II cast member Damian MacAlpine, I now have confirmation that "our" Michael O'Reilly was on that show. Not only that, Damian provided me with a set of screen captures with Michael on them. Thanks Damian!

Of course Michael's profile on the Cast ...

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Happy New Year!
Here's hoping that this year is better than the last two were (although, strictly from a Bartons on the Web point of view, they weren't too bad, but you get what I mean, right?).

New content!
We start the year with a nice content update! If you scoot over to ...

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A nice content update is coming in January. I was hoping to have it out in time for Christmas, but it's not quite done yet.

For now, I'm just here to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Bartons on the Web is still in a festive mood, because it's one year old this month!

As promised on 31 October, you can now find over 30 new photos on the Photos Page. All the new photos were kindly provided by Rosemary Smith (Anita ...

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On 31 October, Bartons on the Web turns one year old! And what a ride it's been!

I've interviewed and befriended quite a few cast & crew members, got in contact with fellow Bartons fans and managed to get the ABC's attention (albeit not in the way I'd hoped… but enough about that). Not to mention I've really enjoyed ...



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