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Sydney family refuses to sell $50m land to real estate developers
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Sometimes life really does imitate art, like last March in Sydney, Australia. A family refused to sell their land to real estate developers, resulting in a brand new suburb being built around their lot.

With their land now a shining green oasis in an otherwise very urban landscape, the family continues to live in their dream ...

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Today marks the 35th anniversary of the conclusion of the production of Bartons. By this day in 1987, everything was shot, edited and transferred on to broadcast tapes. Only one thing remained left to do...

So, on 22 August 1987, a big Going Away-party was held in Studio 31. It was the very last time cast ...

Fire Station 31 in 1960
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With full credits to fellow Bartons fan Richard, a new filming location has been confirmed! It's the fire station seen in the episode Position Vacant, completing all filming locations used in that episode!

And what's really cool is that Richard reached out to Fire Rescue Victoria, ...

A clipping that contains a short interview with Olivia!
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After being gone for well over a year, clippings have returned!

Not everything is back yet though, but still there's a nice selection with some great stories on Bartons, the actors and the 1987/1988 Australian television landscape (and Bartons' role in it).

At the moment, all of these clippings come ...

Rosemary Smith
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I've added a few photos to the Photos page for you to enjoy.

A few come from Rosemary's personal collection, two are from fellow Bartons fan Paul and a few are from my own collection.

Here's three of them:

Liv in 1987 Clipping from the Radio Times Rosemary Smith
Starry Night on Copnal Court
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Noticed the new banner? It's a rendition of the Bartons' house in the style of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Cool huh?

Now I'm not a very good painter myself, but apparently we no longer need good painters anyway. Art website NightCafé offers a very powerful, AI driven ...

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Without turning Bartons on the Web into a Neighbours website all of a sudden, I would like to mention that the petition that has been running since February (and promoted here) has unfortunately not had the desired effect.

Both Channel 5 (UK) and 10 (Australia) have announced that the final episode of Neighbours ...

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As my webdesign skills grow so does Bartons on the Web :)

You'll find lots of new cool features, including a fancy new menu bar that will stick to the top of the browser window as you scroll down. I hope that this is a lot clearer to new users of the site.

VCR has had an update ...



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