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Below you'll find updates and news items that were published on the main page. I try to keep the maximum number of "news bubbles" on the main page to four; when a new one is added, I move the fifth one here.

Updates to Cast Profiles, Production Details & Trivia and the Photos page makes a return!
(August 2021)

The cast profile
for Michael O'Reilly has been updated with new information and new screen captures. The screen captures for the other cast members also return (but the ABC owned head shots do not unfortunately). You can find the cast profiles here.

But that's not all!

Slimmed down
to include only pics that do not infringe ABC's rights, the Photos Page makes a return after nearly six months of absence too. Sorry it took this long!

The name has been changed to reflect the removal of the newspaper clippings. They might return in the future; I'm currently looking into the legal side of that.

I also fixed some issues with text here and there still referring to older pages. The welcome text has also been changed (it still mentioned Olivia's interview was coming up, but that has been online for a while now. Sorry Liv!).

Should you see any errors or older referrences, please let me know!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the father of one of the girls that played an extra in Beautiful Beetroot. He told me the Girl Guides in the episode were the 2nd Glen Waverley Guide Company; that's a bit more precise than just "Glen Waverley Guide Troup" as stated on the episode's end credits, so I've included it in the trivia.

Updates on Episode Guide and some pics return
(July 2021)

Just a small bit of text on what was quite the undertaking on the technical side of things: I've updated the Episode Guide pages. It's now one page again and the taping dates of each episode have been added. Also, a few pics have returned, now as part of the episode guide.

The Production details page has been expanded with the Taping Blocks Schedule (well, the version that was handed out to the cast on 25 March 1987; it was amended after that, but I don't have access to that amended version).

And finally, the filming location of Bartons on the Beach has been added to that episode's trivia and the general trivia on the Production details page.

Well call me star struck! An interview with Olivia Harkin!
(April 2021)

Olivia Harkin,
I assume, is a familiar name to most of you. She is of course the big star of the television series and portrayed Elly Barton. She has a different surname nowadays, and that's just one of the many things you can read about in the interview she gave me! Yes, that's right! Go check it out here.

Some people say you shouldn't meet your heroes. All I can say is, they must have had the wrong hero!

A really cool gift from a cast member
(March 2021)

Earlier this month, I got an unexpected package from Australia. It was sent by one of the cast members and inside was one of the coolest gifts anyone has ever given me: two original Bartons scripts! One of them is a draft, with a few differences from the eventually aired version, which is very interesting! The other one is for one of my favourite episodes! So cool!

I'm currently looking into a way to include them on the site without stepping on ABC's toes again (and without getting the cast member in question into trouble).

Stay tuned!

February never happened…
(February 2021)

« For BotW, February 2021 was dominated by the removal of photos, stills, video- and audio clips from the site. Not a fun time to look back on. I've decided to delete all news items about this from the archive, as enough has been said about it and I've moved on. »

- Erwin

New photos added to the Photos & Clippings page
(January 2021)

Happy new year everybody!

Just a small, but interesting update this month: fellow fan Paul from the UK dug up some old Radio Times and scanned these pics «link removed» for me. I had neither, so thanks for sharing Paul! He also scanned a few examples of how The Bartons was listed in the magazine; I've uploaded an example to the clippings section «link removed». I love how detailed Radio Times is in their listings; even Cliff Ellen is mentioned (he played Paul's coach on Half-time).

Want to contribute to the site? Scanned articles on C/o The Bartons from local TV guides or magazines are most welcome. Let me know! TV listings are welcome too (especially from countries not yet listed on the Broadcast History page).

Comments section, social media share buttons, search bar and privacy settings
(November 2020)

Content updates are on the way! For today, here's some news about a few new features for the site.

Comments section
Every modern webpage needs a comments section, and now BOTW has one too! Now you can chat with your fellow fans about your favourite series. Please remember to keep it clean and be respectful to your fellow fans and the people who worked on the show.

You can find the comments section at the bottom of pretty much every page on BOTW, including this one. So why not get started here while you're at it? :) Comments are specific to the page they're posted on.

Social media sharing buttons
Have "something Bartons" to share with your friends on social media? Well, now you can! I've added social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Reddit. You can find them at the top of every page, just below the menu button (and at the bottom of every page too). All the buttons share the page you're on when you click them.

And I managed to do it without using the tracking bits that usually come with social media buttons. So you're not sharing anything with the companies behind those services until you actually click the buttons.

Oh, and there's a handy button to share the page through old fashioned e-mail too. And a button to scroll to the comments section automatically.

Privacy settings
Accessing the privacy settings from the site's menu allows you to disable the cookies that control the comments section. Privacy settings are there so BOTW complies with the European privacy directive (GDPR). For the same reason, the site now has a privacy policy.

Site Search bar
Finally, when you open the menu, you'll find a brand new search bar, powered by Google. There was one before, powered by DuckDuckGo, but that didn't work as I imagined it. This one does: it searches the entire site for words, sentences, videos and images (and finds them too, something the old one often didn't).

An interview with the person we have to thank for it all: Jocelyn Moorhouse!
(October 2020)

, I'm still trying to wrap my head around her saying "yes"… I'm so grateful that she did!

Jocelyn Moorhouse not only created our beloved Bartons, she also wrote and directed the short film, wrote five episodes of the series and the book.

So what better way to kick off the site than an interview with her?

You can jump straight to it by following this link. This and other interviews (there are more in the pipeline; stay tuned!) can be found under the Interviews section in the menu.

Royce Craven interview now up!
(October 2020)

Royce Craven
is one of the composers and producers of the shows music. He was kind enough to let me interview him about his music, his time on the show and what he's been up to since then.

Did you know he built a plane? Or designs really cool software for music production using synthesizers? Well, I didn't, but what I do know he's (co-)responsible for that excellent music, which has been stuck in my head for 75% of my life now!

You can find the interview linked on the CREW page (in the SERIES section) or directly under the INTERVIEWS section in the menu.

Or you can click right here.

Update on "full episodes"
(October 2020)

Ever since the idea for this site
popped up, I've been looking into getting a license to put up full episodes.

Just when I thought I had found the right way to do it, the department of the ABC that handles such requests shut down its services to individuals due to COVID19 measures.

This means getting a license, as an individual, is impossible until that department opens up again.

All this also means I still have no idea on the pricing ABC puts on episodes for webstreaming by individuals, so I still don't know if its even financially feasible. Ah, the uncertainty!

Sorry for the delay, please stay tuned.

It's alive, ALIVE!
(October 2020)

It's October 2020
, and that means the site is now live!

After a month of staring at the teaser site, you can now enjoy the full site. All free, no ads and no tracking!

Enjoy yourself and drop me a line to tell me what you think of it.



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