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Close-up of a clipping
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Just a quick content update:

I've added two new clippings to the Clippings page:

  • Hard work and little pay for most child actors looks into the unfair pay that child actors received when compared to adults in the 80s, with Bartons ...
Map of Glen Waverley, skewed
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Oh that Filming Locations page! I'm telling you: it haunts me in my dreams. There's just so much information to share, that I've been struggling on how to present it in a user friendly way ever since the page launched.

The previous iteration of the page ...

Rosemary Smith and Olivia Harkin on set
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Page updates are a bit further apart nowadays because all the source material is pretty much on the site.

But I just found two pictures in my collection that I had not previously uploaded to the site (for unknown reasons). I added them for your enjoyment!

Olivia ...

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The other day's post and newsletter about the Proof Blu-Ray containing The Siege of Barton's Bathroom has caused a bit of confusion amongst some of you.

One fellow Bartons fan from Germany happens to own the film on Blu-Ray disc, but the short wasn't on hers. After a bit of investigation, it turns out that only ...

Afternoon Show logo
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On 29 February 1988 at 5.00 PM sharp, the ABC in Australia broadcast the very first episode of our beloved series. And guess what? That means today is the show's official anniversary!

So, yes, technically, it would have been 35 years old ...

Proof Special Edition Blu-Ray cover art
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Bartons fans have waited 37 years for it, but you can now legally own your very own copy of The Siege of Barton's Bathroom... in HD on Blu-Ray no less!

To be absolutely clear, as I'd hate to dissapoint anyone: I'm talking about the short film starring Rebekah Elmaloglou as Elly Barton; not the episode of the same name from ...

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No matter if it's in the bloody cold "wrong kind of snow" or the full heat of summer, I hope you and your family will have a wonderful holiday season!

Bartons on the Web will be back in the new year with a contents update.

Neighbours wil lreturn on Freevee
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Just a few months ago we said goodbye to Bartons' "Big Sister" Neighbours as it was cancelled after 37 years and just under 9,000 episodes.

Freemantle, who produce the show, were forced to cancel it after UK broadcaster Five dropped out. Despite a petition and outcry from fans, the last episode aired on the first ...



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