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On 31 October, Bartons on the Web turns one year old! And what a ride it's been!

I've interviewed and befriended quite a few cast & crew members, got in contact with fellow Bartons fans and managed to get the ABC's attention (albeit not in the way I'd hoped… but enough about that). Not to mention I've really enjoyed myself during all of this!

And of course no anniversary should come without gifts! So I have quite a few for you; here's everything new you can now find on the site, starting today:

  • Remember that I mentioned the unexpected and wonderful present over the post from one of the cast members? One of those scripts was a draft for the episode The Great Billycart Aid Race. I've been trying to find a way to include these scripts on the site without infringing copyrights and without getting the cast member in question into trouble. I think I've managed that with the first script; have a look right here;
  • The site got an upgrade (see "New look and features for the site!" below for more details). These changes were made with your feedback in mind and because my technical skills have (somewhat…) improved since last year. The anniversary seemed like a good time to integrate them;
  • The Production details and the Trivia section on that page have been expanded with lots (and I do mean lots!) of new information;
  • Later in November, over 30 new photos will be added to the Photos page, with kind permission of Rosemary Smith! Some of these photos already illustrate other bits of the site, most notably in the Episode Guide, as a sneak preview.

Oh, I almost forgot: the Series Overview page has been updated with insights on media coverage and new information and trivia. The Cast page is updated with a full cast roster. If a person was in an episode and credited, he or she is on it.

It's been a busy few weeks!

Thanks to all the cast and crew that have contributed and put up with me asking them all kinds of questions. And thank you, dear fellow fans, for enjoying this site and giving feedback!

Have fun with the new contents!




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