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Happy New Year!
Here's hoping that this year is better than the last two were (although, strictly from a Bartons on the Web point of view, they weren't too bad, but you get what I mean, right?).

New content!
We start the year with a nice content update! If you scoot over to the menu and look under The Series, you'll find the new Filming Locations page. What it contains should be self explanatory: I took the info about filming locations from the Production Details page, expanded it quite a bit and stuck in on its own page. New are the maps, and the Streetview Viewer is bigger than it was on the old location. New locations that were previously only mentioned in text now have their own map and/or Streetview.

Oh, and I've found Anita's house (and it was right under our noses too…!).

The Cast page has been expanded too. Alan Lovett portrayed Mr Tommy Snoller on Bartons and now has his own entry.

The Production Details and Trivia pages have been expanded yet again. On the former, I've gone (way too?) in-depth on the Pendry font used for the titles and with an explanation of 80's video tech. Feedback was given during the test phase, and both these subjects now have a Read More button that expands the texts only if you want to. So now nothing stands in your way to just enjoy the Bartons facts on those pages and leave the font- and technobabble perfectly hidden! Well mostly hidden anyway.

The Broadcast history page has been updated with short clips of the various programmes that Bartons was a part of (around the world). Some clips actually feature some Bartons footage, but most do not.

Finally, fellow Bartons fan Boubekeur from Algeria managed to identify which book Elly uses to initiate the Eggs in The Barton League of Bird Lovers. That information now has a spot on the Trivia page. In the future, I might do a page about props, so this could come in very handy. Thanks Boubekeur!

Changes due to feedback
As mentioned above, some entries on the Production Details page are a bit long and too in-depth for some people's liking (I understand, really!). On those longer entries, most of the text is now hidden behind a "read more" link. Clicking that link expands that entry, moving everything below downwards. You can also collapse the entry again by clicking the "Read less" link that appears when you expand an entry. Oh, and the links aren't always called that, as you'll notice. :)

Also new, and you can't miss it, is the Enter here button on the front page. It points to a landing page containing an overview that's identical to the menu, but is more easily recognisable to new users. I'm struggling a bit to make people notice the menu button as you've probably guessed by now; I hope this helps new visitors to find their way around the site.

What's in store for 2022?
First of all, I'm hoping to be able to offer more interviews. I'm not sure if that will work out yet, but fingers crossed!

The site has a few pages that are growing too big. The Production Details and Trivia pages are in reality just one page (even though they appear as seperate entries in the menu). I'm planning to give the trivia it's own page this year. That requires some work, as the trivia page is linked to a lot on the other pages of BotW. Every Trivia-box contains a link to it for example. The Photos page is another example: last month's update made that page a bit slow and I'm thinking of splitting it in two.

Sunday, 2 January 2022
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