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Hi there!
Since you've reached this page, I assume you've read pretty much everything else on here and are wondering what's to come; right? =)

I still have a lot of plans for this site that I haven't been able to execute yet. I'll highlight a couple of them below. If you came here for the FAQ, you'll find that below the plans.

Thanks for reading; if you've got any questions, or think I'm missing something, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Future plans for the site

Upcoming interviews
For the foreseeable future, expect more interviews. I really don't want to rush people, so I'm not planning on giving them deadlines or anything; you'll just have to wait.

Tracking down more people
I still have a list of people I'd love to interview or at least have a chat with, but either a) haven't found yet or b) haven't been able to get contact information for.

Did you work on the show in any capacity and love to tell me about it? Please do contact me! If you don't want to do an interview, but still want to have a chat, that's fine too!

Full episodes
Previously, offfering full episodes for streaming was mentioned here as one of my future plans for this site. I did reach out to the ABC for a licence, but they've explained that the contracts with everyone involved restrict them in the ways they can release the programme to the public. Everyone involved would have to be renumerated for online streaming to be included in those contracts. Not to mention the costs involved with that, they told me the licence itself would be rather expensive. This made me decide not to persue this any longer.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who are you?
My name is Erwin. You can read a bit about me right here.

Were you on the show?
No, I'm just a fan.

Is this an official ABC website?
No, this is an unofficial fan site. It is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

How do I contact you?
You can use the contact form to send me a message. If you include a working e-mail address, I'll respond to you. There's currently no way to submit materials using the contact form; if you wish to share documents or photos, please contact me first. I'll reply using an e-mail address that you can use to send files.

How come you know so much about the show?
Credits for most of the facts you read here, go to Olivia Wenholz (née Harkin), who played Elly Barton on the show, and Rosemary Smith, who played Anita McPherson; they've helped a great deal by telling me everything they could remember. Both Olivia and Rosemary kept scrapbooks with pretty much every newspaper and magazine article that was published on The Bartons back when it was in production and aired. Some of those articles are not available online anywhere, and have been an awesome source of information.

Olivia and Rosemary also gave me lots and lots of documents; ranging from character descriptions to letters sent to parents and schools, from taping schedules to taxi schedules, from the invitation letter for the auditions to the invitation letter for the going away party. You name it. it's there. There's even a scan of one of the pay out cheques (…!).

I also owe a lot to Jocelyn Moorhouse, not just because she created the show, but she also gave me some pretty valuable insights in the interview I did with her. She recommended I'd also read her memoirs (Unconditional Love13); which I of course did. A lot of what happens in The Bartons, is based on her own (and her husband PJ Hogan's) childhood, and reading the first chapters of Unconditional Love you'll recognise a lot of that. It's a lovely book and I really recommend reading it.

In addition to that, I did my own research. Compared to everything I've received from cast and crew, that seems almost trivial.

Do you know anyone who worked on the show personally?
I didn't when I started working on this site, but I've become friends with some since. Due to the distance I've never met any of them in person though.

Can you give me [favourite cast member's] e-mail address or phone number?
No, that would not be an appropriate thing for me to do. The people involved have given me their contact information in the confidence that I won't share it with anyone. They do have private lives and families and many of them are no longer in the lime light. If you leave a comment on one of the pages on they might read it though.

Will there be full episodes to watch on this site?
Sadly, no. I did reach out to the ABC for a licence, but they've explained that the contracts with everyone involved restrict them in the ways they can release the programme to the public. Everyone involved would have to be renumerated for online streaming to be included in those contracts. Not to mention the costs involved with that, they told me the licence itself would be rather expensive. This made me decide not to pursue this any further.

Where can I watch full episodes instead?
At the moment, you can't. All we can hope for, is some sort of 80's revival happening which makes ABC either repeat the show (they still have that right) or maybe, just maybe, release it on DVD or Blu-ray like they did with other shows of the era. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it though.

Have you seen the film/How can I see the film?
I have seen the film, after searching for a way to do so for years. It's difficult to go see it if you don't live in Australia (and even then, really only if you live close enough to Melbourne). Read more about how to see the film here.

Read more about the film in general here.

Why aren't there more pics on the site/where have all the pics and clips gone?
Thanks to Olivia and Rosemary, I have access to a large amount of photos related to The Bartons, both official (made by the ABC) and unofficial Polaroids taken "backstage" by parents, crew members or cast members. At the request of the ABC, the site only has the Polaroids on them, as well as a few images published under the Creative Commons licence. This is nothing to scoff at, as the Polaroids are a brilliant and fun way to look at the show and its production. And there's plenty of them too!

What do the official photographs look like?
During the production of the show, ABC held photoshoots with much of the cast. There's a couple of family portraits with all the Barton family members on them, various pics of Olivia (or Elly, I guess) posing in a tree alone or with her brothers or father, portraits taken on set of Ben Toovey, Frank Webb, Rosemary Smith and Jennifer-Jarman Walker. There's also a pic of Elly and Anita at the beach, various billycart related images and of course the one photograph you actually witnessed being taken: the group photo at the bird feeder in The Bartons League of Bird Lovers. Elly, mum and dad and Anita also all have individual portraits. For a full list of the photos (and other things) in my Bartons collection, please take a look here.

What's your quibble with Emmerdale?
Nothing really! To be honest, I've never seen it… Emmerdale comes up when you Google "the Bartons" or "Bartons television series" instead of C/o The Bartons, so I thought I'd make it clear this site is not about Emmerdale. (note: this question refers to a tongue-in-cheek "anti-Emmerdale rant" on the place holder site before BOTW fully launched).

Mid 2021 update to the above:
When you now Google "The Bartons", is on the first page of results! Hurray! When you add other CotB related keywords to your search query, such as actors names, it sometimes even comes up as the first result.

Matt Day is the reason I watched the show. Are you going to interview him?
I'd love to! No luck so far though. Meanwhile, there's lots of interviews with him online. Here's one from 2018 by Stagemilk where he talks a bit about The Bartons:

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And here's a podcast by Cinema Australia with Matt as a guest. The interview is audio only, and Matt talks about The Bartons between the 11 and 14 minute mark. Thanks to fellow Bartons fan Paul for finding it and bringing it to my attention:

View contents from
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Is there a newsletter?
Why, yes! There's no real schedule though; I send out a newsletter whenever there's enough new bits to fill one. That includes site updates and contents not found on the site (for… reasons).

You can sign up here.

How many updates can we expect?
Anytime I get my hands on something that's worth putting on the site, I'll update it. That might not be very regularly, and in time this site will become static. But that's OK, it's a resource for a show where no new content will be available in the future, and this site will be here to still your hunger for anything you'd want to know about it. Or show your grand kids eventually.

Any updates worth mentioning will be mentioned on the front page. Just keep checking back on a regular basis or sign up for the newsletter.

Who's funding this?
I am. The site is hosted at a professional hosting party (hence the speed) which does cost real money. But I'm happy to foot the bill as I love the show and everyone who worked on it, and it and they really deserve this web presence.

And it means I don't have to worry about optimising the site for advertising revenue and you don't have to put up with ads inserted into the content, privacy invading tracking techniques or a generally lousy browsing experience.

Is that really the exact font used in the show's opening credits on your site?
Yes… sort of. The show's opening credits uses a mix of the fonts Pendry Script and Pendry Script Alternate. The titles on this site are all in Pendry Script, as I don't have access to he Alternate version of the font. You can read more (perhaps too much…?) about the font on the Production Details page.

A friend happened to have the Pendry Script font on his computer and agreed to generate the title images for my site. The font is pretty expensive, but I'm considering buying it myself in the future.

Are you pleased with the site?
Yes! I'm so happy with all the help from cast and crew I got! I never imagined that happening when I started, that's for sure. With their help, this site now holds so much more information than I could possibly have dreamed of!

And I got to know a lot of things about my favourite show, which I'd never have known if I hadn't build this site and contacted everybody who ended up helping.

Will you be adding a Bartons forum?
This idea has been mentioned by a few people. I've been playing with the idea too, but there's a lot of effort in maintaining a forum. Someone has to moderate the posts, remove spam and make sure the forum software is secure.

There's also the European privacy laws that come with running a forum that are pretty strict (and come with high fines, even for an individual).

And to be honest, I foresee a forum with little activity. The comments functionality on isn't used a lot either, especially when I take into account to how many unique visitors the site gets every day; you lot read every update but only very rarely comment…

So no; there won't be a forum. If you'd like to and try to convince me otherwise, start using the comments section more often and we'll talk :)

Why is the site .nl and not .com or is a Dutch site. Mostly because I'm Dutch myself (and a Dutch citizen can't get a address) and partially, by having operate from within The Netherlands, Dutch copyright laws apply. And ours are a little bit more relaxed when it comes to using still images and clips (when used as cites within articles).

The site is available in both Dutch and English and loads the correct version depending on where you're visiting from. You can manually select between the languages using the button in the menu bar.

Why do (you/Dutch people in general) speak English so well?
First of all: you should hear me speak English before you claim I speak it well ;) In all seriousness: Dutch children grow up in a society that's very Anglicised: you'll hear and see English all around you when you're in The Netherlands, especially in the bigger cities. Also, Dutch TV doesn't dub foreign shows (unless it's for really young children), so you almost automatically learn English by watching TV.

Personally, I really couldn't stand locally produced children's TV. Google "Purno de Purno" or "Theo en Thea" if you really must know why, but I warn you: what has been seen can not be unseen (and that's an honest warning). I much rather watched the BBC (which had Bartons!) and a channel called Sky (which had all the cool cartoons) when I was young. So did basically every kid I knew back then.



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