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When you watch as much Bartons episodes as I do on a weekly basis, you start to notice things. For instance, I noticed Elly has her own music; a specific set of notes that play when she's the focus of the scene.

I asked series music composer Royce Craven if I was correct and he confirmed certain characters do have their own musical themes, incorporated into the scene's overal theme. Elly's one of those characters. (Read the interview I did with Royce here).

The pieces of music on the show have no titles, but since this is Elly's theme, I'm going with Elly's Theme.

Below are a two examples of Elly's Theme out of many; see if you can spot more when you (re)watch the episodes!

The Barton League of Bird Lovers
As the basis for the end credits of this episode, Elly's Theme is played on the harp, with the synths expanding on it to form the final composition. Excerpt.

©1987/1988 ABC, RevCom. Digitised by me. Used under fair use, or "citaatrecht". See legal disclaimer.

The Great Billycart Aid Race
Elly's Theme plays over the scene where Elly reads the newspaper. Excerpt.

©1987/1988 ABC, RevCom. Digitised by me. Used under fair use, or "citaatrecht". See legal disclaimer.



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