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I'm not one to boast or brag, honestly. But I do occasionally get questions about what documents and photographs I have in my collection. So to have a list handy, would be… ehhh… handy. So here is that list.

Pretty much everything I have, with a few exceptions, was given to me by various cast and crew members. Olivia (Elly) and Rosemary (Anita) shared the most; others have asked to remain anonymous because they were not sure if they'd get in trouble by sharing documents with me. A fellow fan has sent in clippings too. Everybody (well, except the ones who wish to remain anonymous) is credited (see further down the page).

About the paperwork
Both Olivia and Rosemary have shared lots of documents from the production of The Bartons with me. We (the three of us) aren't sure if I can just plainly publish those documents; there might be copyright issues (or other rights) that have to be taken into account when doing so. Bartons producer Jenny Hooks is, as far as I can tell, the only one who can release these documents. But since I haven't been able to reach her as of yet, I'm taking the safe route and not publish them.
About the photographs
Olivia and Rosemary have also shared lots of photographs with me, both official ones from the ABC and unofficial Polaroids taken on set. The ABC has made it clear that I can't publish the official ones, at least not without a licence from them that is (very) expensive and simply out of my reach.

The ABC doesn't own the rights to the Polaroids though.

The official ABC photos are listed on this page with a short description.
The unofficial Polaroids can be found on the Photos page.

[1] Kindly provided by Olivia Harkin from her personal collection
[4] From my own personal collection
[6] Kindly provided by Royce Craven
Kindly provided by Rosemary Smith from her personal collection
[11] Kindly provided by Paul; a fellow Bartons fan from the UK, who has a collection of Bartons clippings
[99] Kindly provided by a source who wishes to remain anonymous

Please refer to the legal disclaimer for copyright statements and liability limitations regarding third party contributors. All photographs used with permission. Please do not copy these images without asking.

Document typeShort descriptionSourceRemark ARemark B
Publicity kit photoFamily portrait (Elly at the top)4 & 8Sepia-
Publicity kit photoFamily portrait (Elly in the middle)1Sepia-
Publicity kit photoPortrait of Elly (Olivia Harkin), leaning on a wooden table1Sepia-
Publicity kit photoPortrait of mum and dad (Jennifer Jarman-Walker and Frankie J Holden)8Sepia-
Publicity kit photoElly and dad (Olivia Harkin and Frankie J. Holden) at the tree, Elly standing on a ladder and looking affectionately at dad) 8Sepia-
Publicity kit photoPaul and Petal (Matt Day and Eva Parkin), cuddling on Paul’s bed4 & 8Sepia-
Publicity kit photoAnita and Elly (Olivia Harkin and Rosemary Smith) in bathers standing at a sign at (Somer’s) beach4Black & White-
Publicity kit photoAnita (Rosemary) leaning on a wooden beam feeding a kookaburra8Sepia-
Publicity kit photoSkinner and Douglas (Frank Webb and Ben Toovey) peeking around the corner of the Snoller’s fence8Sepia-
Publicity kit photoDouglas, Anita and Skinner (Ben, Rosemary and Frank) arguing in front of the Snoller’s house8Black & White-
Publicity kit photoDouglas and Skinner (Ben and Frank) on a billycart4Black & White-
Publicity kit photoMichael O’Reilly head shot4Black & White-
Publicity kit photoElly and mum (Olivia and Jennifer) walking arm in arm just outside the Snoller’s fence4Black & White-
Publicity kit photoFamily portrait on billycarts4Black & White-
Publicity kit photoFamily portrait on billycarts (variant of the above)8Sepia-
Publicity kit photoElly (Olivia) sitting on her perch staring dreamily into the distance4 & 8SepiaOlivia was wearing her own clothes for this photo shoot
Publicity kit photoElly (Olivia) sitting on her perch staring dreamily into the distance (appears to be mirrored from the above)11Colour- clipped from the 22-28 June 1991 issue of “Radio Times”Olivia was wearing her own clothes for this photo shoot
Publicity kit photoElly (Olivia) standing on the ladder to her tree, fending off Paul (Matt Day) and Anthony (Michael O’Reilly)11Black & White - clipped from a 1989 issue of “Radio Times”Olivia was wearing her own clothes for this photo shoot
Photo used on setElly (Olivia) sitting on her perch, smiling, looking to her right1Colour- used in the episode “Suspected”Olivia was wearing her own clothes for this photo shoot
Photo used on setGroup photo of the “Barton League of Bird Lovers” with Matt Day, Christian Pellone, Natasha Kenneally, Ben Toovey, Frank Webb, Olivia Harkin, Michael O’Reilly and Pippa Smith 1SepiaAlso in the press kit
PhotoPortrait of Pippa and Rosemary Smith8Black & White-
PhotoDouglas, Elly and Susan Davies (Ben, Olivia and Natasha Kenneally) posing at the bird feeder4Colour- no idea where this came from, doesn’t look like an official photo but can be found on the TF1 website.Natasha seems to be wearing her own coat.
PhotoElly and Mr Snoller (Olivia and Alan Lovett) in front of the library4Colour- unknown origin. Perhaps a publicity photo.-
PhotoOn-set photo (boom mic visible) with dad, mum, Elly, Douglas and Paul4Colour- unknown origin. Most likely from the set of Musical Rooms, perhaps taken during rehearsals. Can also be found on the TF1 website.-
PhotoPortrait of Jocelyn Moorhouse, taken in 19871Black & White-
PhotoPortrait of Elly (Olivia), sitting on a wooden bench with her knees pulled up to her chest4Black & White- cut out from a TV magazine article-
PhotoPortrait of Jenifer Hooks4Black & White- cut out from a TV magazine article-
PhotoOfficial publicity photo from “Phoenix” (a 1992 ABC crime drama series) with Olivia (aged 16) and actress Nell Feeney.1SepiaNot strictly Bartons related, but it still counts in my book.
Book“C/o the Bartons” (UK edition)4Original 1989 printGood condition- read a lot (by me)
Book“Sechs Bartons” (German edition)41992 printStill sealed
Book “Sechs Bartons” (German edition)41992 printGood condition
ScriptMr Snoller’s Black Bag99Final printGood condition
ScriptElly Barton Feeds The World (The Great Billycart Aid Race)99DraftGood condition
Publicity kit (1988)Official ABC publicity kit with various documents and photos (see the box below this table)4--
Cast information package“Welcome to The Bartons” 1Series synopsis-
Cast information packagePreliminary episode line up1Short episode synopsesStill mentions “Street Party” as the final episode, complete with synopsis and some other “working titles” for episodes.
Cast information packageFinal episode order1List of episode titles in the final broadcast orderNow mentions “Bye Bye Bartons” as the final episode.
Cast information package“The Stoomphs”1Short character profile for the Stoomphs family (that never was)-
Cast information packageCharacter description for Elly Barton1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for Vince Capaletti1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for Anita1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for Anthony1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for Douglas1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for “father” (Robert)1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for “mother” (Marjorie)1-“Marjorie” was later changed to “Clare”. The name has been altered with a pen on this character description.
Cast information packageCharacter description for Miss India1-
Cast information packageCharacter description for Mr Snoller1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for Mr Jensen1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for Paul Barton1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for Skinner Davies1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for Susan Davies1--
Cast information packageCharacter description for the Capaletti family (excluding Vince)1--
Cast information packageLetter from Jenny Hooks (producer) to the adult actors on working with children1-Suggestions on how to behave when children are present on set.
Cast information packageTaping blocks schedule (March 1987)1 & 8--
LetterLetter from Jenny Hooks to the parents of all the children who auditioned1--
LetterLetter from Cameron Mattox (Olivia’s drama teacher from Eltham College) about the auditions for Bartons1--
MiscA cheque (yes really) issued to Rosemary Smith for her performance on 1 July 1987 for (I assume) additional scenes for the episode “The Barton League of Bird Lovers”.8--
MiscThe sign from the door to Olivia’s & Rosemary’s dressing room (room “H”)8--
1 2 3 ··· 10 +

Please rotate your phone to landscape position for a easier to read version of this table.

The scripts
A cast member that I can not name has sent me two original scripts: the script to Mr Snoller's Black Bag and the draft to The Great Billycart Aid Race (still titled Elly Barton Feeds The World on the cover page). Although I can't publish those scripts in full, I can make reference to them and show you a small bit of them.

I've already done so with the script to The Great Billycart Aid Race, take a look here. The other script will follow in the future.

Script cover
Elly Barton Feeds the World (The Great Billycart Aid Race)

Draft version of the script with annotations from (presumably) the cast member who gave it to me.

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Mr Snoller's Black Bag

Final version of the script (still with annotations).

The books
Not much to say: my trusty old British edition from 1989 and one opened and two (don't ask) still sealed German editions (1992) that I recently acquired are pictured below. More information about the book here.

Stacks Image 6269
British Edition

C/o The Bartons

Pengiun Random House Children's Books, 30 March 1989

ISBN13: 9780140342574

Stacks Image 6256
German Edition

Sechs Bartons

Hoch Wien (Vienna), 1990
Hoch Stuttgart, 1992

ISBN13: 9783777904443

Translated by Elfi Gross

The film
It took a long time for normal people like me to be able to view the film, but it's finally possible! In October 2022, the Blu-Ray special edition of Jocelyn's film Proof was released. The Siege of Barton's Bathroom is included on the disc as an extra. Read more about the disc (and Proof) here.

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British Edition

Proof (Special Edition) Blu-Ray Disc

Published by Film 4 on 31 October 2022

Contains the short "The Siege of Barton's Bathroom" as an extra.

The Publicity Kit
In order to promote the series to the press (and sell it overseas) the ABC produced a publicity kit. This comes in the form of a binder with several documents, some promotional photos from the series and advertisement for Jocelyn's Bartons book.

There are several versions of this publicity kit: I have one that contains a certain set of promotional photos (see the above table) while others have the publicity kit with a different set of promotional photos. I have no idea how many versions there are or why that is.

My publicity kit is a scan; I don't own a physical copy unfortunately.

This is what's inside mine:

  • "C/o the Bartons [by] Jocelyn Moorhouse" - a press release for Jocelyn's tie-in book. This contains a cast group photo (on billycarts) that's also on the book's back cover (see below)
  • Series synopsis
  • Final episode list (in broadcast order)
  • Synopsis for all twelve episodes (one per page)
  • A main cast list for all twelve episodes (one per page) interleaved with the above
  • Promotional photo: Family portrait (Elly at the top)
  • Promotional photo: Elly & mum at the Snoller's fence
  • Promotional photo: Elly in her tree looking dreamily into the distance
  • Promotional photo: Anita and Elly at a sign at the beach
  • Promotional photo: Michael O'Reilly head shot
  • Promotional photo: Paul and Petal cuddling on Paul's bed
  • Promotional photo: Douglas and Skinner on a billycart
  • Library style index cards for all photos above (see below)

Stacks Image 6160
Cover of my Bartons ABC Publicity Kit. Nothing much to it; probably a generic cover used for all publicity kits for all ABC programmes.

Click to enlarge.

Photo by me

Stacks Image 6182
Included advertisement for Puffin's "C/o the Bartons" book

Sorry for the low resolution; it's a bit of a grey area if I can publish this on the site, so a higher resolution scan would be pushing it. For that same reason, this image can not be clicked for a larger version.

Photo by me

Stacks Image 6170
Every promotional photograph was accompanied by a "library style" index card. This one is for the family portrait.

Click to enlarge.

Due to copyright reasons, I can't show you the photo that this card comes with; sorry.

Photo by me

Newspaper clippings
Mostly thanks to Olivia and Rosemary, and some from my own research, I have scans from quite a number of newspaper and magazine articles about Bartons.

A list of the articles I have (all of them as a scan), and what they are about, can be found on the References page.

TV listings
I have quite the collection of TV listings from various countries. Either in physical form or as a scan. I mostly gathered these while doing research for the Broadcast history page.

  • Australia
    • The Age
  • Canada
    • Tele Magazine
    • Whitehorse Daily Star
  • Netherlands
    • Leidsch Dagblad
    • De Gelderlander
    • De Stem Zeeland
  • Spain
    • Bisagra Magazine
  • Switzerland
    • L'Express de Neuchâtel
  • UK
    • Radio Times

Do you own TV listings from your country that you are willing to scan for me? Please let me know.

Wish list
There's not a lot of physical Bartons memorabilia to be collected; no merchandise or comic books, video games or other goodies. It simply wasn't that big. Yes, I know, the world is an unfair place.

I still have a wish list of items that I'd love to get my hands on though. Some would be easier to obtain than others.

The list is below. Do you own (an) item(s) on this list that you are willing to part with? Or scan/digitise for me and all other Bartons fans? Please let me know. I'm sure we can work something out!

  • A physical copy of the ABC publicity kit (any version);
  • The Australian edition of the C/o the Bartons tie-in book;
  • The Spanish edition of the C/o the Bartons (Los Barton) book (either or both prints);
  • Newspaper clippings in any language about Bartons; articles and TV listings are both fine;
  • Magazine clippings in any language about Bartons;
  • VHS recordings (digital is even better) of Bartons in any language, but especially:
    • A Dutch (RTL4) recording including continuity from Telekids
    • A Dutch (RTL4) recording of the Telekids Friday Viewer's Mail in which Irene Moors talks about the letters they received about Bartons and announces the summer repeat
    • A German language recording of Bartons (a few clips is fine)
  • TV listings from any country not yet listed on the Broadcast history page;
  • Anything else Bartons related I can get my hands on :)



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