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On 29 February 1988 at 5.00 PM sharp, the ABC in Australia broadcast the very first episode of our beloved series. And guess what? That means today is the show's official anniversary!

So, yes, technically, it would have been 35 years old on 29 February 2023, which today isn't, but as this year is not a leap year there is no 29 February this year.... I'm sticking with 1 March 2023. Don't like it? You could always celebrate the show's "9th" anniversary next year, on 29 February 2024 ;)

Anyway... C/o the Bartons, as the show was retitled to between its production in 1987 and this first broadcast, was part of the ABC's The Afternoon Show. Every Monday through to Thursday at 5.00 PM, The Afternoon Show would kick off its hour with our favourite TV family.

With only 12 episodes, that meant that the entire series sped by in just three weeks. And to make matters even worse, the ABC never repeated it!

Read more about that, and how much better the series was received and treated in Europe and other parts of the world, on our Broadcast History Page.

I for one am celebrating this anniversary by watching the very first episode, The Siege of Bartons' Bathroom today at 7.00 AM local time (CET) which translates to 5.00 PM in Victoria, where Bartons is situated.

Want to join in but don't have any episodes handy? Watch our clips on VCR as a substitute!



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