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"Bartons on the Web" is an ode, a 'thank you' and a pedestal to the people that worked on and starred on one of the most underrated and often forgotten Australian children's drama series out there. Its goal is to give the show the love and attention it deserves, and aims to be the biggest resource on C/o The Bartons and all associated works available anywhere, online or offline.
Erwin (BOTW site admin)
"Bartons on the Web" is an ode, a 'thank you' and a pedestal to the people that worked on and starred on one of the most underrated and often forgotten Australian children's drama series out there. Its goal is to give the show the love and attention it deserves, and aims to be the biggest resource on C/o The Bartons and all associated works available anywhere, online or offline.
Erwin (BOTW site admin)

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… to Bartons on the Web! This is the only C/o The Bartons fansite in the world!

Whether you know it as The Bartons, Les Bartons, Los Barton or as Die 6 Bartons, this is the place to go for everything there is to know about the television series, the book and the film. Backgrounds, insights, interviews with cast and crew, trivia and more; it's all here!

Please have a look around. All content is free, no registration is required*.

A BIG thank you goes out to Olivia Wenholz (née Harkin), who played Elly on the show; she told me a lot of things I didn't yet know and sent me tons of pictures, documentation and newspaper clippings. She also provided the majority of the information on this site. I'm so happy she agreed to an interview!

Another BIG thank you is for Rosemary Smith, who played Anita, and also contributed a lot of information and a lot of the pictures you can find here. Her interview can be read right here.

And finally, an equally BIG thank you goes out to Jocelyn Moorhouse for agreeing to an interview! I'm very grateful for that opportunity!

Oh, and before I let you dive in: if you'd like to get in touch with me, you can do so here. This site's mission and future plans combined with a site FAQ can be found right over here.

Enjoy yourself and let me know what's missing, wrong or (hopefully) right!

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 Bartons on the Web site admin
 Bartons o/t Web admin

Last update: November 2021

*OK, if you REALLY want to, you can be "initiated" by taking a spin on the Hills hoist, answering questions about The Bartons, before I allow you in. Please use your own Hills hoist and send in pics as proof. =)

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Happy Anniversary, Eggs! (part 2)
(November 2021)

Bartons on the Web is still in a festive mood, because it's one year old this month!

As promised on 31 October, you can now find over 30 new photos on the Photos Page. All the new photos were kindly provided by Rosemary Smith (Anita McPherson) from her own collection.

In addition, you'll find that the Production Details Page (and the Trivia section on that page) have been updated and expanded yet again.


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Happy Anniversary, Eggs!
(October 2021)

On 31 October, Bartons on the Web turns one year old! And what a ride it's been!

I've interviewed and befriended quite a few cast & crew members, got in contact with fellow Bartons fans and managed to get the ABC's attention (albeit not in the way I'd hoped… but enough about that). Not to mention I've really enjoyed myself during all of this!

And of course no anniversary should come without gifts! So I have quite a few for you; here's everything new you can now find on the site, starting today:

  • Remember that I mentioned the unexpected and wonderful present over the post from one of the cast members? One of those scripts was a draft for the episode The Great Billycart Aid Race. I've been trying to find a way to include these scripts on the site without infringing copyrights and without getting the cast member in question into trouble. I think I've managed that with the first script; have a look right here;
  • The site got an upgrade (see "New look and features for the site!" below for more details). These changes were made with your feedback in mind and because my technical skills have (somewhat…) improved since last year. The anniversary seemed like a good time to integrate them;
  • The Production details and the Trivia section on that page have been expanded with lots (and I do mean lots!) of new information;

Later in November, over 30 new photos will be added to the Photos page, with kind permission of Rosemary Smith! Some of these photos already illustrate other bits of the site, most notably in the Episode Guide, as a sneak preview.

Oh, I almost forgot: the Series Overview page has been updated with insights on media coverage and new information and trivia. The Cast page is updated with a full cast roster. If a person was in an episode and credited, he or she is on it.

It's been a busy few weeks!

Thanks to all the cast and crew that have contributed and put up with me asking them all kinds of questions. And thank you, dear fellow fans, for enjoying this site and giving feedback!

Have fun with the new contents!

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New look and new features for the site!
(October 2021)

As part of the one year anniversary celebration,
I gave the site a small upgrade. There's a lot of smaller changes that you'll notice when you stroll around the site. Here are the biggest ones:

- a new menu! This should work a lot better on smaller tablets and bigger phones;

- a new search functionality! Out with Google, in with a built in search application. This works much better, is privacy friendly (nothing sent to third parties) and no ads in the search results. Search results look much cleaner too;

- the menu button, the search bar and the social media buttons are grouped in a fancy new bar so they take up less space;

- a News archive, so you can read back all the news bubbles that once appeared on the front page (minus a few from February 2021).

…and quite a lot of smaller improvements. A much better legible font, new functionality to improve the readability of tables (some are yet to be converted; stay tuned) and performance improvements overall.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback! I'm aware that it sometimes takes a while for me to follow up on some suggestions (like the menu and the search functionality), but rest assured that you're heard!

FAQ expanded & new privacy engine
(Oktober 2021)

I've expanded the FAQ
with some questions I've been asked since the last update.

Most notably I've explained why I think a forum isn't feasible.

Have a look at the FAQ section on the About this site page.

When you view the FAQ, you'll probably also notice that the site now asks your permission to display the third party content (Youtube and SoundCloud) in the section about Matt Day. This is part of the new privacy engine I've built.

The engine does a number of things: you can now set more privacy preferences here. You might also notice the new cookie notification banner. Finally it will display those blue/grayish boxes wherever third party content would appear if you gave consent. The engine will make sure none of that content is loaded if you don't give consent, so that your privacy is safe. It also replaces the old yellow consent boxes that hid the comments section.

The shielding of the comments section and third party content until you give your consent and the cookie notification banner are mandatory by EU law (GDPR). Since BotW is technically Dutch, I have to make sure the site is compliant with those laws.

An interview with Rosemary Smith!
(September 2021)

I must have bothered
just about every single Rosemary Smith in Australia until I found the right one, but with help from Olivia, find her I did: the one and only Rosemary Smith who portrayed Anita McPherson!

I'm so happy that she agreed to an interview! And not only was Rosemary kind enough to say yes to that, but she also contributed to the page with all she remembers from her time on Bartons and a heap of pictures and documents. So keep an eye out for more updates!

You can read her interview right here.

More Production Details and Trivia added
(August 2021)

Information on the studio
where Bartons was taped and the filming location of Half-time have been added to the Production Details Page.

Some extra bits of trivia on the studio are on the Trivia page.

Also, some production notes on Bartons on the Beach have been added to that episode's entry in the Episode Guide.

Updates to Cast Profiles, Production Details & Trivia and the Photos page makes a return!
(August 2021)

The cast profile
for Michael O'Reilly has been updated with new information and new screen captures. The screen captures for the other cast members also return (but the ABC owned head shots do not unfortunately). You can find the cast profiles here.

But that's not all!

Slimmed down
to include only pics that do not infringe ABC's rights, the Photos Page makes a return after nearly six months of absence too. Sorry it took this long!

The name has been changed to reflect the removal of the newspaper clippings. They might return in the future; I'm currently looking into the legal side of that.

I also fixed some issues with text here and there still referring to older pages. The welcome text has also been changed (it still mentioned Olivia's interview was coming up, but that has been online for a while now. Sorry Liv!).

Should you see any errors or older referrences, please let me know!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the father of one of the girls that played an extra in Beautiful Beetroot. He told me the Girl Guides in the episode were the 2nd Glen Waverley Guide Company; that's a bit more precise than just "Glen Waverley Guide Troup" as stated on the episode's end credits, so I've included it in the trivia.



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