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"Bartons on the Web" is an ode, a 'thank you' and a pedestal to the people that worked on and starred on one of the most underrated and often forgotten Australian children's drama series out there. Its goal is to give the show the love and attention it deserves, and aims to be the biggest resource on C/o The Bartons and all associated works available anywhere, online or offline.
Erwin ( site admin)
"Bartons on the Web" is an ode, a 'thank you' and a pedestal to the people that worked on and starred on one of the most underrated and often forgotten Australian children's drama series out there. Its goal is to give the show the love and attention it deserves, and aims to be the biggest resource on C/o The Bartons and all associated works available anywhere, online or offline.
Erwin ( site admin)

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… to Bartons on the Web! This is the only C/o The Bartons fansite in the world! Whether you know it as The Bartons, Les Bartons, Los Barton or as Die 6 Bartons, this is the place to go for everything there is to know about the television series, the book and the film. Backgrounds, insights, interviews with cast and crew, trivia and more; it's all here!

A BIG thank you goes out to both Olivia Wenholz (née Harkin), who played Elly on the show; and Rosemary Smith, who played Anita. Together, they contributed tons of information, anecdotes and insights and the majority of the photos you can find on this site.

I could not have done this without you two and I'm happy and privileged to be able to call you my friends!

Finally, an equally BIG thank you goes out to Jocelyn Moorhouse for agreeing to an interview! I'm very grateful for that opportunity!

Enjoy yourself and let me know what's missing, wrong or (hopefully) right!

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 Bartons on the Web site admin

Last update: June 2022

PS: if you'd like to get in touch with me, you can do so here. This site's mission and future plans combined with a site FAQ can be found right over here.

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(June 2022)

Noticed the new banner?
It's a rendition of the Bartons' house in the style of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Cool huh?

Now I'm not a very good painter myself, but apparently we no longer need good painters anyway. Art collection website NightCafé offers a very powerful, AI driven tool that can convert any photo into any painting style (much better than what Photoshop can do) or even create entirely new works of art from scratch by just typing in what you want it to paint.

Now for the real question: is it still art when a computer does all the creative work? Hmm….

Anyway, you can download a full resolution version of Starry Night on Copnal Court as well as a few other "works" I've generated on the new Art page.

Have a Bartons related work of art to share yourself? Either home made or generated through NightCafé? Drop me a line and maybe I'll post it on the site.

Neighbours to end on 1 August 2022
(April 2022)

Without turning
Bartons on the Web into a Neighbours website all of a sudden, I would like to mention that the petition that has been running since February (and promoted here) has unfortunately not had the desired effect.

Both Channel 5 (UK) and 10 (Australia) have announced that the final episode of Neighbours will air in both countries on 1 August 2022. That means that Neighbours comes to an end after 37 years.

I don't personally watch it, but I recognise the influence and impact the show has had on Australia's television landscape. So I'm still sad to see it go away.

Bartons was compared a lot to Neighbours back in 1987 and 1988 (although Jenny Hooks didn't agree with that comparison at all). Quite a few Bartons cast members have appeared on Neighbours at one point or another in their careers. Rebekah Elmaloglou, who portrayed Elly in the Bartons film, is a main cast member on Neighbours to this very day (she plays Terese Willis).

The production promises that the final episode will be a blast for fans, taking the entire history of the soap into account. While that probably means that Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan will make a brief return, we can hope to see characters played by Bartons cast members return too of course.

If you have signed the petition, thanks!

Welcome to Bartons on the Web V5.0
(March 2022)

As my webdesign skills grow
so does Bartons on the Web :)

You'll find lots of new cool features, including a fancy new menu bar that will stick to the top of the browser window as you scroll down. I hope that this is a lot clearer to new users of the site.

VCR has had an update too (yes, only weeks after it launched), much more graphical (no more boring buttons) and a cool sorting feature.

Oh, and did you notice the new banner? Watch what happens to it when you navigate between the series, book and film pages. Cool huh?

Oh, and let's not forget that the episode guide has regained some of the stills! Yes… is back in form!

Clips are back and Bartons on the Web goes Dutch!
(February/March 2022)

It's been a full year, but finally has a few clips again! Sorry it took so long!

You can find the clips in the episode guide. There's fourteen clips in total: one for each episode, the opening credits and one extra clip from Half-time (for long time visitors: no points for guessing which scene…).

Or you can head over to and have access them all from one handy little overview page.

For Dutch speaking fans, the site is now available in Dutch! You can switch between the two languages using the button in the menu bar or on the language selection page that appears when you visit the site for the first time.

Note: I'm having a technical challenge with the image captions and trivia bubbles, so those appear in English when you set the site to Dutch. Will be fixed, no worries. Some pages are not (and may never be) translated; those are marked in the (Dutch) menu as such.

(February 2022)

Want to keep up with the latest news
about Bartons and the site in general? Hear about updates first? Have access to content not found on the site?

Well now you can! By signing up for the newsletter using the button below!

There's no real schedule for the newsletter; one will be sent out when there's something to write about, most of the time that will be announcements of content updates on the site.

When you're tired of the newsletter, you can cancel it at any time by clicking the link in the site's main menu.
Note: the privacy policy has been updated to include the newsletter

Film facts & Technical updates!
(January 2022)

short film's page on Bartons on the web hadn't been updated since the site launched in 2020. The reason is simple: there's only so much I can tell you about a film that I haven't seen.

But that changes today, because I've finally had an opportunity to watch the film! Yes!

With many many many thanks to Nick at ACMI for making this exception possible and to Jocelyn for allowing ACMI to share the film with me!

This enabled me to expand the single page that was, into the full section on the film you'll find here starting today.

Have a look at the new and expanded Film section here.

I've expanded the Trivia page with two frame comparisons of a scene from the film with the same scene from the series' episode. This is based on the (now) publicly available stills from ACMI. Some other pages have also been revised as I've learned a lot of new information.

Speaking of the Trivia page,
that now really is its own page. Previously, the trivia was actually part of the Production Details page (even though it appeared as a seperate entry in the menu and in other spots). There's also some new trivia (not just film related).

The Photos page has also been split, and in three pages no less. The split was done for performance reasons, and also gave me some breathing room to add all the stills you'll find on the site in one place.

Noticed the new photo banner?
I got feedback from a few people that they were initially unsure if they landed on a page about the "right Bartons" after clicking on a Google search result. I hope posting a few stills right on the front page will reassure people.

And last but not least, since I occasionally get asked about what I have in my collection, I've put up a page with a list of what's in my Bartons collection. Obviously I can't show you everything (due to copyright reasons), but there's still interesting things to be seen. Take a look here.

The My Collection page also contains my wish list.



What delightful paintings you have added to the site Erwin. They remind me of the ones I used to have in my bedroom as a child. We don't have room for many pictures now of course but we do have a lot of books instead. One of my favourites is The Jungle Book but I lent it to a young neighbour back in 1988 and I've never seen it since! She made up some story about being annoyed with me for not making an effort to join the Fire Brigade or something! I know she was upset but it was a bit unfair, her deleting all mention of me in c/o The Bartons as revenge!
Skinner and Douglas
Great Newsletter Erwin! It was cool seeing the publicity pics of us hiding behind the Stoller's fence. We had forgotten all about those ones. I think they were taken the same night I hit Elly after she was being really mean to me! She got me back though! See you in the Cubby!
Hi Erwin. Many thanks and congratulations on the first site newsletter but next time use the paper holder...use the paper holder :)
Love the snow effect on the site. That reminds me, must arrange a trip to Somers Beach!
Bob Geldorf (Paul UK)
Wow. What an amazing couple of months for your site. Starting with the interview with Rosemary who is clearly such a lovely person and who,  along with Olivia really made the series shine. Then all these amazing updates and pictures and the script! Now I don't like to say I told you so but we discussed Skinner's soft spot for Ellie in one of our email exchanges. I think the biggest clue is in Three Little Pigs with the line "I do care for some people" from Skinner along with a very telling look towards Ellie with the second major clue being how he immediately risked losing the race to make sure Ellie was okay after crashing her cart...I can't see him doing that for anyone else! Great work on the site Erwin as always!
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